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Lyde Green Primary


 Regular attendance and punctuality are considered very important at Lyde Green Primary School – not only does it help our pupils to build and strengthen firm relationships with their peers and members of staff it is also a proven factor in better attainment.

When your child is unwell and unable to come to school it is crucial that the following steps are taken for each day of their absence:

1)   Telephone and speak with the school office or leave a message on the answer machine at your earliest opportunity.

2)   On your child’s return please provide a note explaining the reason for their absence.

Please be aware that if you fail to inform the school of your child’s absence it will be recorded as unauthorised.  Absences are monitored very closely and if your child has recurring absences then the Education Welfare Team will be informed.

Please feel free to contact the Parent Support Adviser or Headteacher if you have any concerns or require support with getting your child to school on time.

A guide to all things medical

This leaflet is aimed at helping you make the right choices while guiding you on the appropriate action to take when your child is ill.

Not all illnesses require your child to take time off school.

Reasonable medical absences

  • Chicken Pox and Shingles
  • Measles or German Measles
  • Whooping Cough
  • Mumps

Action: 5 days off following the first signs of illness

  • Scabies

Action: Stay away from school until treated

  • Impetigo

Action: Stay away from school until lesions are crusted or healed

  • Diarrhoea and Vomiting (gastroenteritis)

Action: Return to school 48 hours after the last episode

  • Flu

Action: Your child may return to school as soon as they are well enough

Unreasonable medical absences

  • Headlice – No time off required, treat lice and send to school
  • Conjunctivitis – No time required off school – some children may require treatment
  • Athlete’s Foot – No time required off school, seek medical advice to avoid spread of infection
  • Period Pains – This does not require time off school (gentle exercise helps)

Treatment for Head Lice

In order to treat Head lice the following steps are essential:

  • After washing your child’s hair, apply conditioner
  • Comb thoroughly with a proper nit comb (available in  most chemists)
  • Repeat every other day until all lice and eggs have disappeared


When making dental, doctors or optician appointments, please try to arrange them for out of school hours.  Please be aware that an appointment during the school day does not require your child to miss the whole day at school.  Other than in exceptional circumstances, it will be expected that your child either returns to school following an appointment or comes in before the appointment.

While in school if your child has had a bump to the head and/or eye/nose/face they will bring home a note from the school office informing you of any treatment they have received in the medical room and advice of any signs or symptoms to look out for at home.

Authorised and unauthorised absences

Schools are required to publish attendance figures, which distinguish between authorised and unauthorised absences.  Authorised absences include those of sickness, medical treatment and educational visits.  Other absences can only be authorised by the Headteacher in exceptional circumstances.  A special application should be made – forms can be obtained from the school office.

The school is working hard to ensure the best levels of attendance.  Letters will be sent out to parents to inform them if attendance falls below 95%.  The Parent Support Coordinator can help and advise any parent who requires support with issues/concerns regarding attendance and punctuality.

Please ensure that the school office have up to date information on your contact numbers and those for other nominated persons who will care for your child in an emergency.

How good is your attendance?

If your child achieves 90% in an exam you’d be really proud but what does that mean in terms of attendance?  Let’s look a little closer…

90% attendance = ½ day missed EVERY WEEK!

1 school year at 90% attendance = 4 whole weeks of lessons missed.

What impact might this have?

Research suggests that 17 missed school days a year = a grade dropped in GCSE achievement.

If a child’s attendance is improved by 1% you could see a 5-6% improvement in attainment.  Please help us and your child by ensuring their attendance remains above 95% allowing them to achieve their potential.

For more information please refer to our Attendance Policy 

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