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Lyde Green Primary

Learning Ladders

At Lyde Green, each child in Years 1-5 has a learning ladder for Writing, Reading and Maths. These are the key elements from the National Curriculum which we have identified as important to secure as foundations for the following year. 

Each child has ownership of these ladders and highlights sections off with their teacher when they feel they can prove their understanding. Ask your child all about them!

These will also be shared at PCC (Parent Child Conference) Meetings.

If you would like to know how best to support your child at home, you may wish to look at these ladders and practice some of this skills at home. 

Below are the learning ladders for each year group:


Year 1 Learning Ladders

Year 2 Learning Ladders

Year 3 Learning Ladders

Year 4 Learning Ladders

Year 5 Learning Ladders