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Lyde Green Primary

Helping with Reading

We work hard to develop a reading culture throughout the school by creating welcoming book areas in classrooms, a school library that hosts a variety of reading genres, and by raising the profile of reading through a print-rich environment, attractive book displays and promoting the written word at all times.

Ongoing research continues to support our belief that reading for pleasure, as a self-selected pastime, has a profound and positive effect on the attitudes and attainment of learners. Social reading environments, where pupils read together and discuss texts and their responses to them, and reading aloud, where a whole group can be immersed in a text, are two elements of our work to promote this reading culture. Both book talk at home, and adults modelling positive reading habits, help to reinforce the importance of and enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

High priority is given to reading instruction throughout the school. Children are taught with their class and year group peers to read a wide range of books and other texts. Adults model aloud the thought processes they follow while decoding a text, re-reading and experimenting with possibilities in order to make the text make sense. Pupils then use those skills with similar or related texts, with the same questions and sentence stems being applied and practised in widening contexts. This method of guided reading ensures children are taught a range of reading skills and attitudes which they then practise at school and home.

Children are able to take home reading and library books to read with their parent/carer at least four times a week. Parents then comment in their child’s home-school reading diary on how their child reads.

We have produced this booklet to help you support your child's reading at home:

reading booklet for parents docx.pdf